View Full Version : Devloping time for HC 110 - HP5 - ISO 200 - Bessler Drum?

5-Oct-2010, 10:12
Hello all,

I have a bunch of 5x7 HP5 that I shot recently, I tried rating it at ISO 200. I would like to start experimenting with HC 110, have only used D76 in the past. Does anyone have a time/dilution for HC110 for rotary processing of sheet film? I haven't been able to find it anywhere.


Eric Woodbury
5-Oct-2010, 11:16

I personally don't know anything about HC110, but I saw this the other day and you might be interested.


5-Oct-2010, 11:45
I use HC-110 for 35mm, 120, 4x5, and now 8x10. I use it mainly because Ansel's book The Negative recommended it when i was starting out, I haven't used anything else, and it's supposed to keep longer than other developers.

I have a Jobo 3005. I read somewhere that for rotary development, you need to develop for less time than you would if developing with inversion, so start out with .75 of your time and then experiment from there. I am no expert at density and all of that, but doing the .75 thing worked great for me.

the problem with HC-110 is that the normal development times are very short (around 5 minutes, +/- a minute or so), so if you end up with like 4 minutes, then it's harder to develop for exactly 4 minutes. That is, you have to be much more accurate at 4 minutes than you do at 7 or 8 minutes. Or you can just change water temp to get it back in range.

search the forum for Jobo development time and you might get more opinions on the matter

5-Oct-2010, 11:59
I'd also take other suggestions for developers other than D76 (and pyrocat, which I'm not up for yet) for LF film in drums.

5-Oct-2010, 17:33
I recently processed a couple of 5X7 exposed at 400 ISO using HC110 dilution B at 4 1/2 minute in a Unicolor drum and got great results.

5-Oct-2010, 18:35
Thanks Tautatis. I found a lot of information for a 400 ISO rating but not for a 200 ISO rating. I think it needs dilution H.

Jim Graves
8-Oct-2010, 14:27
Paul ... my standard times for HP-5 (I also shoot it at 200) processed in a JOBO 3005 on a Beseler roller are: 5 min. for dilution B, 6 min 15 sec for dilution D, and 10 minutes for dilution H (all at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.) Here's a good link for HC-110: Link #1 (http://www.covingtoninnovations.com/hc110/) ... and another: Link #2 (http://www.mironchuk.com/hc-110.html)

Because of the short times, I add the developer while the drum is rolling using a funnel with a long flexible tube (from an auto parts store) ... one nice feature is that there is a variable flow adjustment by turning the plastic nut where the tube feeds into the bottom of the funnel.

8-Oct-2010, 16:38
Jim, Link #2 also mentions Rodinal, and how unstable it is after opening. I've never used it, but that seems to fly in the face of everything I've ever read about Rodinal.