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8-May-2002, 08:41
PBS offers the recently televised Ansel Adams, from An American Experience on vi deo--both VHS and DVD at quite reasonable prices. I believe PBS also offers the older review/interview with Ansel similarly.

Those who cannot get to the Chicago Art Institute to see Ansel Adams at 100 mig ht access the WWW site for the Art Institute and look at the multi-media present ation placed there about Ansel. The mini-presentation about the sequences he cre ated, contrasted with those created by some of his contemporaries is quite nice.

Be nice if that too was available on video. GSD

8-May-2002, 13:36
I ordered the tape by calling 1-800-752-9727 and requesting Ansel Adams- The American Experience- April 21st broadcast. Total charge, including shipping approx. $25. Delivery around the end of May. The DVD will also be available late June.

Michael Kadillak
8-May-2002, 15:20
I went this morning to the PBS website and ordered the American Experience Adams DVD for $24 + shipping. They also offer the music from the 1 1/2 hour show on a CD at less cost so make sure that you secure the right item.