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Hannah Kyle
7-May-2002, 15:29
If anyone know's who was the first person to use a Large Format camera preferabl y a 5 x 4 as Iam a student learning about photogarphy and this is for an assignm ent so it is quite urgent. Id be grateful for any information!!!!

Ellis Vener
7-May-2002, 16:00
Try: http://www.rleggat.com/photohistory

and: http://www.fabfotos.com/photo/galleries/h_Historic_Images_Ca meras_Processes_etc.shtml

Brian Ellis
7-May-2002, 20:41
A better question would be "who was the first person to use something other than a large format camera?" In the old days (19th century and very early 20th century) almost all cameras were large format cameras. For roughly the first fifty years of photography prints were made by contact printing rather than enlarging, which meant that if you wanted a big print you had to use a big camera. So asking who was the first person to use a large format camera is pretty much like asking who was the first person to make a photograph. We commonly give that credit to Niepce in 1839 and whatever he used must have been something like a large format cameras as we know it today.

8-May-2002, 13:27
Try the following:


Per Volquartz
8-May-2002, 18:01
The large format "camera" or image maker = "camera obscura" can be attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, who observed that an upside down image was created when light passed through a very small opening and projected onto a flat surface...