View Full Version : Kodak Opal V (Opalure) B&W FB paper: Anything like it today?

3-Oct-2010, 09:41
Kodak Opal V (Opalure V) B&W FB paper was a warmtone paper with a suede finish. Used primarily for portraits. Last manufactured in the 1960's.

Anything like it or close to it today?

I'm looking for a FB paper with a lot of tooth on the exposed finish.

4-Oct-2010, 10:59
Ilford Multigrade IV Warmtone FB Fiber, semi-matt surface comes close. Depending on how 'warm' you want to go, neutral tone Multigrade comes in a matt finish. Opal V looked and felt to the touch like Epson inkjet matte paper. The paper base was smooth, not textured like most of the other Opal varieties, but the emulsion had an added matting agent.