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Tim Layton
3-Oct-2010, 07:57
Hi, I just joined today and was delighted to find this forum. So, thank you in advance and I look forward to helping others in the future once I learn from you.

In short I just started using a view camera and this has sparked me to develop my own black and white 4x5 negative film. I also shoot 6x7 medium format and would like to get setup to develop that as well if possible.

I had a dark room and all the supplies and tools needed about 30 years ago so I am sure this will all come back to me once I get your help.

For now I don't live in a place where an official darkroom is possible, so if I could get help with a list of supplies and tools needed with this in mind it would be ideal.

Can you list out exactly the items I will need to develop the above mentioned black and white film and if you have any tips on where to buy the items online that would be very helpful.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Tim Layton

4-Oct-2010, 03:48
For film developing you may want to look at a daylight tanks. I have 4 HP Combi tanks each holds up to 6 negatives. Jobo also has tanks. I would avoid the Yankee daylight tanks as they can not be inverted and you will spill chemicals if developing 4X5.

4-Oct-2010, 06:05
Hi Tim, I started developing my BW film a couple of weeks ago using Jobo equipment. Got some nice advise here: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=66570
I'm using a Jobo 2521 tank with a single 2509 reel (on a roller base, but you might try to buy a motor base), four 300ml glass bottles for prepared chemistry, a digital thermometer and a graduated cylinder.
You'll also need a light tight tent for loading the tank (I do it in my closet)

Tim Layton
4-Oct-2010, 06:23
Thanks for the tip... I went over to freestyle and found the Combi tank and it looks very good. I found something for Jobo but not sure what it is. It was some type of loader base. Here is the link in case anyone can tell me what this is: http://www.freestylephoto.biz/2508-Jobo-4x5-Sheet-Film-Loader-Base-without-Guide

Anyone here try or use the Adox film? I was thinking about trying the Adox CHS 50 Art 4x5. You can get 50 sheets for $33 at Freestyle and in the description it talks about this being good for newbies. If I try the Adox film, does anyone know if it is best to stay with Adox chemicals for development?

Thanks again for your help.


4-Oct-2010, 07:28
The device from the link is the loading base, it's used for loading the film in the dark. I really never used it, once you practice a bit, the film loading is pretty natural.

Tim Layton
4-Oct-2010, 20:54
First, thanks to everyone that has been contributing and helping and old guy become smarter and more versed so I can enjoy LF!

Quick newbie question:

Can someone explain the difference between regular sheet film that is loaded into the film holders and quick load film? Is a different film holder required?


Mark Stahlke
4-Oct-2010, 21:18
Fuji Quickloads and Kodak Readyloads are single sheet film packets. Each sheet of film is attached to a carrier and protected by a cardboard sleeve. They require a special holder although there is nothing special about the film itself. One could disassemble the packets and load the film in standard film holders.

None of this really matters because Fuji and Kodak recently discontinued Quickloads and Readyloads.

5-Oct-2010, 00:14
Dear Tim;
I use and love the Efke (Adox) 50 film, as a matter of fact it has become my favorite film.
Denise Libby