View Full Version : 270mm/f11 WA G-Claron?

John Kasaian
6-May-2002, 23:37
Hello! I came across a 270mm f11 WA G-Claron. I've never heard of one, though I 'm impressed by G-Clarons. Has anybody had any experience with the 270 WA on 8x 10? Any comments, thoughts or info would be appreciated. I figure its either a really outstanding lens or there is some deep dark secret why these aren't seen much. I didn't find anything on the Schneider website or in the old threads. Tha nks!

William Marderness
7-May-2002, 07:26
I am not 100% sure, but I have heard that the WA G-Clarons have no more coverage than the current G-Clarons of the same focal length. The WA ones are much larger, though. Maybe this is why no one talks about them much.

adam friedberg
7-May-2002, 12:10
schneider lists: 72deg @ f22; 780 grams; 110mm filter (90mm rear thread); 400mm i.c.; 4 element 4 component for 1:2 to 2:1.

distortion is not good (+- 1%) beyond 50deg from 1:inf to 1:3 (no distortion @ 1:1)

John Kasaian
7-May-2002, 13:24
Thank you all for the information! I just got some feed back from scneideroptics too. The good news is that the 270 WA G-Claron will cover 12x20! The bad news is that at infinity the 270 WA is rather marginal! If anyone wants to shoot portraits with a 12x20, the lens is on e-bay.

Tracy Storer
7-May-2002, 16:54
I have a 270 WA G-Claron. Tested it on the 20x24 just to see image circle...18-19" tops by my recollection, which makes 12x20 possible ONLY with closer subjects. The good news was that for contact printers, it was pretty good all the way out to the edge. It IS large, but can be fitted to a Copal #3, anybody wants it, let me know...Tracy Storer