View Full Version : Edge and Center sharpness on an old f/8 Super Angulon

Tony Galt
6-May-2002, 18:07
I've acquired on old f/8 coated Super Angulon in a Compur 00 shutter, which I've had cleaned so that it functions well. I've shot a couple of sheets of film wit h the lens and I must say that I am dismayed at edge sharpness (I've shot at f/2 2 and f/32.) Center sharpness seems OK, but toward the edge of the field (not th e image circle--the 4x5 field with no shifts or rises) there is a loss of defini tion. Does this match the experience of others. Has anyone tested one of these f or maximum sharpness and definition at a variety of f/stops? This is an old wide angle design, and the edge to edge sharpness you might find on, say, a 24mm Nik kor meant for 35mm, doesn't seem to be there.

Kevin Crisp
6-May-2002, 18:52
Tony: Are you absolutely sure the rear element is screwed in so that it snugs up against the shutter recess instead of hitting the retaining ring or edge of the lens board recess? A lot of people are using lenses which are mounted wrong and it can cause what you're talking about. Try screwing the rear element in with the lens in hand but not on the board, feel the definite stop when it is in all the way? Compare that to the feel on the board. If it feels mushier then you're binding up on the retaining ring or the edge of the hole for the recessed part of the board. Just a thought. What you describe is unusual, especially since you're not at the edge of the image circle.

6-May-2002, 23:50
I had the same problem with a 1970's 90mm f8 S.A. I tried checking if the rear element was seated correctly (it was) and the same problems ensued. My 90mm optar was even sharper at the edges. I don't know if Schneider occasionally has a lens that slips by their quality control, but I was surprised. I sold my lens with stated defects, and use my optar for nature shots (it's a lighter lens anyway) If i end up shooting anymore interiors, I may look into the 80mm or 110mm super symmar (rental of course)

Tony Galt
7-May-2002, 08:55
I wonder if I'm being too picky. I blew a negative shot with this lens up to 11x 14 and sharpness toward the edges was certainly acceptable at that size--individ ual bricks in a building were clearly resolved even toward the edge of the field . (I used a front rise.) Perhaps I'm looking at my negatives with too much magni fication--a habit learned with 35mm slides. I wonder if lenses designed for 35 m m don't have to have higher resolution because of the need to blow negatives up much more than with LF?

The lens is well-seated on the shutter and cosmetically in good shape.