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Mark Gilles
7-May-2002, 08:14
This community of LF photographers has been a great benefit to me on my LF journ ey. I am so grateful for the knowledge and inspiration that is shared. The lev el of expertise, passion and LF ethic is unmatched on any other forum I have rea d. Thank you.

The discussions over the last year regarding moving forum off LUSENET and onto a nother software platform concern me greatly. I download the forum daily onto my Palm IIIc for offline reading in the field. LUSENET forums work elegantly for this purpose.

I hope any change in the LF Forum will not compromise this functionality. Thank s again.

Robin Coutts
7-May-2002, 17:21
Mark, How do you download the forum onto the palm please?

Mark Gilles
7-May-2002, 20:05
Sure, it is fairly straightforward. You are downloading content for offline reading, you do not need one of those fancy wireless Palms.

First you will need visit the AvantGo (AG) website to download and install AG to your Palm device. Once at the AG site, navigate to the individual solutions page and sign up for a free AG mobile internet service account. The install is an easy step by step process. Once AG Mobile Internet Service is installed, you can import the LF Forum as an AG auto channel. This option is found at https://ami.avantgo.com/mydevice/autochannel.html

A few tips: I have found it best to select the LF Forum recent answers page for your auto channel. You will be prompted to choose the settings for the channel. I suggest setting the max channel size at 500 kb. You will need to have the channel set for one link deep. More than one link is not necessary and will increase the size of the channel dramatically. Finally, choose not to download images.

Having the forum offline, in the palm of your hand is wonderful. I hope I have helped. Thanks again.

Ed Candland
7-May-2002, 23:18
Thanks for the great tip. I just tryed it and it works wonderfully. I've had Avent-go for some time and in the back of my mind I knew you could do custom chanels like that, but never tryed it. It's a snap.

J.L. Kennedy
8-May-2002, 01:39

I have the same concerns. I have been reading the forum on my Palm for over a year now (I must admit with one of those fancy wireless modems) and I have never seen any website that displays so perfectly on the Palm OS. Greenspun is truly a genius at delivering useful content in a way that is as you said: elegant. And across all browsers and OS's no less. It is my understanding from reading some of his stuff on www.greenspun.com that he allows his server software to be used free of charge. Can someone confirm this?

Robin Coutts
8-May-2002, 07:33
Many thanks I will give it a try .. now