View Full Version : Schneider 5.6/47 SA non-XL

Paul Frank
31-Mar-2002, 03:11
I have an opportunity to buy this lens in a synchro-compur shutter used, in 'exc ellent' condition. I will use it on a 4x5 (shen-hao) to shoot rollfilm, mainly in color. Anyone have opinions on this lens? Does anyone know approx how old i t is? I'm pretty sure it's multi-coated, but not sure. Any info whatsoever abo ut this lens/shutter combo is greatly appreciated. And I really mean *any* info rmation at all. Thanks in advance.

Ole Tjugen
31-Mar-2002, 03:36
Paul, check out http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_len ses/

You'll find all technical information on all Schneider lenses ever made there. With the serial number you can easily find the age, as well.

Walter Glover
31-Mar-2002, 17:59

Proceed with caution. The only experience that I have had with this lens was on a Brooks Veriwide. It only just covers 6x9 and it screams out for a centre-filter at that. Wait and get the 47mm XL - a perfect choice with 6x9 & 6x12 and usable at 4x5 if needed.

Walter Glover

Paul Frank
31-Mar-2002, 21:37
can anyone comment on coverage of this lens on 6x7? that's what I'll be shooting and will not use movements (my front standard won't budge with th 47xl on it). I only expect to use a degree or so of front tilt.