View Full Version : Need Info On A Deardorff 14x14 Faceplate?

28-Sep-2010, 11:35
I Need Some Info On A Deardorff 14x14 Faceplate With #117 On It.
I Was Told It Was A Faceplate But I Don't Know Much About It.
I Recently Aquired It And Would Love Some Info On This.
I Would Love To Know The Value Of Something Like This And A Market Where I Might Be Able To Sell It.
It Is Wood Mahogony
Has Deardorff Label On It And In Right Corner Has #117. Not Sure If It Is Serial # Or Model #
I Can Post Pictures If Needed.
Thank You So Much!!!!

13-Jan-2020, 09:08
Jason, Do you still have it? I've got a Deardorff 14x14 copy camera and could use a spare! The # is the camera serial. I think it was 17th one.

14-Jan-2020, 08:36
Why don’t you post a photo of it so we can see just what you have?

Keith Pitman
14-Jan-2020, 11:17
Guys, he posted this in 2010 and hasn’t posted since. I doubt he still around!

14-Jan-2020, 12:29
True, hadn't noticed the post date. L