View Full Version : Synchro-Comput shutter on 47mm/5.6 Super Angulon

Paul Frank
30-Mar-2002, 02:48
Is a synchro-compur shutter (mounted through a Schneider 47/5.6 SA (non-XL)) the same size as a copal 0? If I do not need the lens to cover 4x5 (just 6x9) is t here any optical or quality difference between the non XL and XL version of this lens?

Ole Tjugen
30-Mar-2002, 04:30
Schneider says shutter size 00 for this lens. They also say the optical construction is different; I don't know whether you will see the difference.

andrea milano
30-Mar-2002, 05:25
The two lenses have a different constuction which is tpical of the newer XL lenses , they cover a larger area regards