View Full Version : A few Q's about my malfunctioning Turner Reich

Darin Boville
26-Sep-2010, 17:19
I have a Turner-Reich triple convertible for 4x5 that has a malfunctioning aperture. It has been set wrong so wide open is only half open in reality--the aperture moved smoothly to all the way closed from that point, and probably would open smoothly too if the lever had room to move.

Shutter sounds about right on speeds. Pict below.

A few questions:

1) Is this lens worth anything (money-wise)? Should I sink money/time into fixing it? I've been watching e-bay for a month or so but haven't seen one of these go by.

2) Does this lens fit any other shutters--a standard Graphex size perhaps? Maybe I could just buy another shutter?

3) Any recommendations on repair places? The Flutots place people recommend is not taking new business, Grimes is higher priced (and for some reason seems to have an attitude on e-mail...who else?



26-Sep-2010, 17:42
Have you measured the aperture size to see if it is correct for the settings on the scale?

Darin Boville
26-Sep-2010, 17:45
When it is set to wide open the actual blades look about halfway closed down. When I move the lever and close down the blades as far as they will go the indicator is only halfway down the scale...


26-Sep-2010, 18:01
It should open to 27mm if it is a f6.8 7.5inch lens, but from the picture now I can see it is buggered.

26-Sep-2010, 19:35

Don't know what this lens is worth, but mine much bigger one (8x10 coverage) is worth it's weight in gold to me!

Carol (Flutot's) is absolutely worth waiting for. I just got an email from her that states she is planning on re-opening on Oct 11th (surgery tomorrow for her husband), so I'm not sure how soon your project would fit in line for her, but she is damned good and very, very inexpensive.

After Carol, I would call KEH's repair department. They have done some amazing and pretty fast repairs for me on far more complicated fixes.

After than would be Camera Wiz who has treated me very well on work on a system that hasn't been made since the 60's and which no one else would touch. Either place will likely have a few weeks before completing your work.

Mark Woods
26-Sep-2010, 20:49
I have a TR triple convertible the same make, model, and era of the lens E Weston used. I love the quality of the images I make with it. Give it a chance and get it fixed to your satisfaction.