View Full Version : processing fujifilm aps nexia 400 color film problem

26-Sep-2010, 13:12
Hello I am trying to develop my 24mm aps nexia 400 films but they comes out unrevealed, or really little revealed.

The films are expired but I know they are ok because i've made them processed by a lab and it came back fine.

I use t-max developper, and kodak rapid fixer;

I have a tempered water container at 100 F ,i sinked in my solutions (50ml developper - 200ml water / 50 ml fixer- 200 ml water)

I poured the developping solution in my patterson - 3min and a half

then my fixing solution for 6 min and a half (I tried too to use a stop bath (also tempered) made with 1/4 of vinegar and water between the developper and the fixer)

the I washed running water, but the film isn't transparent at all, no way to enlarge an image from it.

that is it, if you can help...

al olson
26-Sep-2010, 16:08
You are asking a miniature format question on a large format forum. I am not aware that this film comes in large format sheets.

That said, I see two problems here. First, you are developing a color film in a b&w developer, TMAX. You need a C-41 developer (I am assuming that this is a print film). I would doubt that TMAX would activate the color couplers embedded in the emulsion.

Second, if this were a b&w film you would be using TMAX at 68 degrees for probably around 6 to 10 minutes. I think that your 3 1/2 minutes would be too short for TMAX although you are running it hot.