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26-Sep-2010, 07:55

I know a guy who has these three lenses and I would like to know if they would cover 11x14. He has an old 8x10 studio camera but never uses these lenses on it.

1. Wollensak No. 2 Vitax Portrait Lens F3.8 with a knob for dialing in diffusion.
2. Wollensak Velostigmat Series II F4.5 12"
3. A Darlot, this is a brass lens with what appears to be two elements. There is no markings that I could find betraying its focal length etc. 27,168 is on the barrel. It is 6-8" long and about 3" in diameter. I didn't think to measure, so these measurements are approximate.


26-Sep-2010, 08:17
The Vitax #2 is a 13" lens and the Darlot sounds like a 10" Petzval--give or take an inch or two. None of the lenses you listed will cover 11 x14 at infinity, but all will cover if you focus close enough. I'd consider them all too short for good 11x14 portrait lenses. They're all very nice lenses, though.

26-Sep-2010, 09:28
Thanks Barry,

I'll try them on 5x7.