View Full Version : 38xl, 45xl, apo 35 or 45 for 6x9 archi

30-Mar-2002, 15:03
38xl, 45xl, apo grandagon 35 or 45 for 6x9 archi ? i'm going to shoot a railway station next week, using a 6x9 roll film back on my technikardan s 4x5. My wider lens is a apo grandagon 55 (very good lens ), i'm planning to rent a wider lens for this purpose, i need to control perspective, i need to rise the lens, i need a lens with less distorsion as possible, what is the best choice 38xl, 45xl, apo grandagon 35 or 45? What is the shorter lens usable with the technikardan S 45 ? Thanks

Walter Glover
30-Mar-2002, 16:37
I have both the 35mm Apo-Grandagon and the 47mm Super Angulon XL which I use on my Techni-Kardan 45S. The 47mm will focus at infinity on a regular Linhof sunk panel. The 35mm, however, must be mounted in a Linhof 'Double-Sunk' panel to focus at all due to the restriction of the minimum flange focal distance of the camerta itself. The 35mm will focus at infinity on a flat Linhof panel on the Master Technika 2000. The double sunk panel uses a tiny cable release to link the Quick-Release socket to the shutter's release block.

Good luck,

Walter Glover