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Marko Trebusak
23-Sep-2010, 11:52
Well, let me start with fact, that I really like Arca Swiss camera. It was my entrance into LF, and served me very well. But recently I started using barrel lenses, and I needed something more sophisticated for a shutter than a lens cap. I used lens cap together with 10-stop ND filter, but it drive me crazy. So, Sinar Copal shutter it'll be. My idea was to use front standard from Sinar Norma that is smaller than Arca 171mm front standard. So I got auxiliary standard from e-*** for next to nothing. Then I asked a friend, who have a milling machine for adaptor. I also ordered custom made bellows from Custom Bellows in UK. Here are few photos of "present state" of modification. I need to sand blast adaptors and make few modifications in lens plates to accommodate both pins from the shutter (auxiliary standard is narrower that regular front standard). Then everything needs to be anodized.

Here are few photos from current state of the project.


John Schneider
23-Sep-2010, 12:48
Such a slick idea!

Marko Trebusak
23-Sep-2010, 15:30
Such a slick idea!

Can you explain, why in your opinion this is a sick idea?

I can use my existing camera with new functionality. Arca is for hiking more compact than Sinar F, but Sinar shutter elegantly solve the exposure problem.

Here is a source of my idea (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=23134) combined with this (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=57638&highlight=shen+hao+sinar).


John Schneider
23-Sep-2010, 15:59

Please note that I said SLICK, with an "L" as the second letter, which the dictionary defines as "Deftly executed; adroit" -- I think it is a clever way of adapting an Arca to accept a Sinar shutter.

Of course, in American slang "sick" can also mean "awesome" :)

Marko Trebusak
23-Sep-2010, 16:04
Sorry John. It's obviousely time to go to bed :). It's 1AM here.


12-Nov-2010, 07:10
Hello, I have done the same thing over a year ago, I removed some useless junk from the sinar shutter and screwed it on a sinar norma lens plate (because they are the same size but flat). I had to make a custom bellow from a sinar one to fit the arca, involving some hectic use of black sillicon (we use this in the car industry to seal stuff)
and made a shorter bellow that goes from lens to shutter because most barrel lens protude on the back! I made a very clean job but the hard part was to paint the arca swiss matt black, because it was old and the aluminium alloy they use is not very resistant and gets corroded, blocking the little chrome pistons that are used for the auto-lock (arca owners will understand this part!), I had to get a special acid primer for the aluminium, it's now better than new but it took a lot of time!

Ken Lee
12-Nov-2010, 08:48
Wow !!

Brad Rippe
12-Nov-2010, 18:02
Sick!!! (You must have teenagers about the house to understand "sick" is really cool.....)

12-Nov-2010, 18:42
If you don't want to go to all that trouble, you can simply use a Shanel 5A shutter for lenses with flange sizes upto 64mm diameter...


Armin Seeholzer
13-Nov-2010, 03:39
Would it not have been more economically just to buy a Sinar Norma or F. Then you would have a second ( spare Camera anyway ) meanwhile they are so cheap!

Just my 2 cts. Armin

P.S. And if you know how to fold a Sinar or just put it onto the shortest extention, then its on the same level for transportation then a Arca!
I used an Arca F-Line for years and now I'm working with Sinars and a small Horseman!

29-Mar-2011, 16:13
I am now searching for an Arca swiss/sinar lens board converter because I am looking forward to use my canon 5DII on the back of my hybrid and I have the 4X5 sinar to canon adapter! I do have a sinar P now (8X10 !)..my so much fuss? It's convenient to swap systems, ie the canon makes a much better proofing than a Polaroid and some of my lens are on Sinar boards and some on Arca..I still think the sturdiness and simplicity of my arca/sin makes it a very enjoyable tool !