View Full Version : Longest lens on a Shen Hao Hz45

23-Sep-2010, 08:28
I'd like to purchase a long lens for the camera, but have to do it on the internet, so no chance to try it. I need it exclusively for infinite focus, this is really important, I'll not use it for close ups, just need the longest lens for mountain peaks catching light. Something I'd shoot using a 200mm telephoto on my 35mm DSLR.
Thanks a lot in advance for any advice!

Dominique Cesari
23-Sep-2010, 12:17
Probably a 500 mm Nikkor telephoto. Its flange-to-focal distance is 350 mm, you could mount it on an extension lensboard to have some focusing range.

Lachlan 717
23-Sep-2010, 15:00
Fujinon 400mm T should work.

24-Sep-2010, 06:26
Dominique, Lachlan- thank you, I'll keep my eyes opened for the lenses you mention.

Keith Pitman
24-Sep-2010, 07:21
You could also buy a top hat extension which would give you further options as well as the ability to focus closer with longer lenses. Here's one:


24-Sep-2010, 19:15
Thank you Keith, I'm actually hunting a similar one on the national used market right now.

20-Oct-2010, 01:08
I have a TZ45 and the longest lens I can comfortably use is about 305. I have measured the max bellows extension at around 315. One thing I did learn was that when using convertible lenses the bellows extension needed for the longer focal length is greater than the focal length quoted. I tried to focus a convertible lens at its longer focal length (305mm) and could get nowhere near infinity. It turned out I needed about 380mm of bellows extension.

sun of sand
20-Oct-2010, 02:24
the difference between 305 and 400 is minimal
i think "you'd" be better off with a non-tele and enlarging

500mm might be ok

5x7 with 4x5 back and 24" lens?
camera with double bellows?

box camera with as long of a lens as you can find
depends on movements, i guess
mountains i'd think you'd only perhaps need some swing

for serious reach over a lens you already have for objects -far away- i'd want to at least double the focal length

Lachlan 717
20-Oct-2010, 02:46
the difference between 305 and 400 is minimal

I probably would think a 30% difference is far from "minimal".

sun of sand
20-Oct-2010, 15:27
I should have put IMO in there

I look at it like this

if i have say a 50mm lens and I'm wanting a photo of far away mountains
the 90mm lens isn't the one I'd go to next if reach is what i obviously needed
maybe the 135
more likely the 200 would be my next step

those inbetween small steps are good for those "compositionally perfect" slightly tighter croppings

but unless you work within a narrow range you'd have to be carrying 8 lenses all the time ..2 wide, 2 normals, 2 moderate, 2 long focus

a 400mm lens doesn't give me the tightness i'd want over a 305mm of a subject 100 feet away
what's it going to do for a subject thousands of feet away ..you could maybe crop off one small peak on each side
not quite an intimate study of details

Michael Wynd
20-Oct-2010, 17:01
I used to use a 400mm Komura tele with no problems

Brian Stein
20-Oct-2010, 18:36
You will be looking for a telephoto design to provide you with a reduced film:flange distance and allow a longer lens for a given focal length. From http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses-long.html the 360 nikkor will work (F:F 261) the 500 will not (F:F of 380 mm). It would be reasonable to expect the 400 telephotos to work. Although the 480mm tele-optar will focus on a crown graphic so might work as your longest possible focal length I suspect you will be pushing it.

Gem Singer
20-Oct-2010, 19:15

www.keh.com has two Fujinon f8 400T's listed for under $500.

They ship internationally.

A telephoto design, this lens is large and weighs 600gms. When focused at infinity, it will stretch the bellows on your Shen Hao HZ45 to its limit.

However, it is the longest focal length that can be used on that camera with no added extensions.