View Full Version : Y'S 45 EX View Camera

22-Sep-2010, 23:09
Has anyone heard of a Y'S 45 EX view camera? I'm here in Japan and came across a 4x5 kit selling for $600.00. The kit includes View Camera, Schneider 150mm f/5.6 L MC APO-Symmar, loupe, one 4x5 holder and hard case.


Oren Grad
23-Sep-2010, 00:17
Here's the whole Y's Create lineup:


Since the last time I looked, they've added an ultralight Phillips clone - see the "45 Light" at the top of the page.

Anyway, if you scroll down a bit you'll see the 45EX in the middle of the page. If the camera and lens are in good shape, $600 would be somewhere between reasonable and downright attractive for a price.

23-Sep-2010, 00:39
Thanks for the link, I went back to look at the kit and both camera & lens are like new condition, very tempting.

23-Sep-2010, 09:01
hmm... another Philips clone! How is the built quality of it?