View Full Version : NYTimes art/photography reviews

Raymond Bleesz
28-Mar-2002, 10:15
As a daily activity, I tune in the NYTimes & especialy pay attention to the phot o reviews which appear in the Arts section.

Does anyone have another suggested web site which does critical/in depth "review s in photography/ art shows, etc.", exhibits worldwide, or reviews of trends in photography by acknowledge authorities such as AD Coleman & Jim Hughes, etc.

Thank you--Raymond

lyle allan
28-Mar-2002, 10:29
AD Coleman's site:


John Smith
28-Mar-2002, 13:02
Good to know that others enjoy reading critiques of photography as much as going out and doing the real thing. A. D. Coleman, now there's a winner that really gets me stoked up to take my own photos!


jerry brodkey
31-Mar-2002, 20:12
I looked at The Nearby Cafe with Coleman. Sounds like a nice idea but you'll have to pay $120 per year to subscribe! Alot of that material is available in a much cheaper form.