View Full Version : Krauss Paris 285mm/18 Zeiss Anastigmat?

Hugo Zhang
21-Sep-2010, 10:26
After two years of patient waiting, my 16x20/14x17 camera is finally on its way to me from China. Out of pure luck, this lens found me over the weekend and is on its way to my impatient hands from Europe as well.

I did a little search on the net and it seems to be a lens later named Protar V and Portar V 265mm seems to cover 14x17 at small apertures. Does anybody know this lens? I am happy if it covers my 14x17 reducing back, but will be thrilled if it covers my 16x20 plate.

Of course I will test it in 2-3 weeks, but this suddenly becomes a long wait.


Steven Tribe
21-Sep-2010, 11:15
Krauss' Protar V was the earlier F.18 version. The coverage given for the Ross F.18 version is 108 degrees so you should be able to work out the coverage.
Ross, and I think others, made enormous versions - over 1000mm! - which VM deduces must have been for a process camera.

Jim Galli
21-Sep-2010, 12:33
The catalog says it will cover 18X22 or mammoth plate stopped down. You may get lucky. It's a 110 lens. You can sketch it on a piece of graph paper and come up with a number. I've found them very sharp, but sometimes difficult to use if it's not bright sun.

Jim Fitzgerald
21-Sep-2010, 21:41
Hugo, looks like you will get your 14x17 before I get mine built. Let me know so I can come over and see it. I'll bring holders with x-ray film!


Hugo Zhang
22-Sep-2010, 09:24
Steven anf Jim,

Thanks for the information. Since 285mm is little longer than 265mm Protar V, I will keep my fingers crossed about the 16x20 plate. :)


When the camera arrives and settles down, you are welcome back to try it with your x-ray film. :)

Hugo Zhang
5-Oct-2010, 13:07
Got the lens and vendor made a mistake in listing. It was a 265mm f/18 where "6" looks like "8". The good news is it covers my 16x20" plate by looking at the ground glass. It loses coverage if I put it on a shutter. I have to expose one or two sheets of film to see if covers are OK.