View Full Version : Graphmatic in Shen-Hao, OK for springs?

Erik Asgeirsson
4-May-2002, 20:15
I have a Shen-Hao, and a Graphmatic. What I'm wondering is this: is the increase d thickness of the Graphmatic likely to cause any damage to the springs on the S hen-Hao? I inserted the Graphmatic and it seems a little tight, but I don't have enough experience to know if that will cause any long-term harm to the springs. Attaching it with the Graphloc mechanism seems prone to light leaks (it doesn't hold the Graphmatic very tightly).

Colin Carron
5-May-2002, 08:00

Don't know about the Shen-Hao springs but I'm a bit surprised your Graflok bars don't hold the grafmatic firmly in place. I use the Grafloks for the Grafmatic because the more positive action is better if the slide gets stuck. Are you sure your Grafloks are adjusted right?

5-May-2002, 13:49
Erik, I'm looking at the back of my Shen Hao as I type this response. I believe that the springs will withstand the strain of the thickness of the Graphmatic, but both springs are held in place with small wood screws. My guess is that they will, eventually, pull out of the wood under that much stress. The camera has Graphloc sliders to hold your Graphmatic film holder. If they don't hold it tight enough, something is wrong with the fit. It can probably be adjusted very easily. Just remember not to change the relationship between the groundglass and the film plane of the Graphmatic. Perhaps a shim on the outside surface of the Graphmatic is all that you need.