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paul star
21-Dec-1998, 12:52
I have a Linhof Technika III 4x5 which I believe is a bit unusual. According to the research I have done it is a late model III (angled front door, focus wheels on both sides of the bed, serial number 53xxx.) However it is a dark red in col or. That is the leather and the metal parts of the camera are red instead of the traditional black. Because of the quality of the work on the leather and the me tal, it appears to have been done at the factory and not by an individual as a m odification.

Any information or comments would be greatly appreciated

21-Dec-1998, 13:13
the metal is red also? painted or anodized?

21-Dec-1998, 13:14
the metal is red also? painted or anodized? You might leaving an e-mail at linhof's web sight. Sounds great though.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
21-Dec-1998, 18:56
Not that this helps but.....

I have seen two photographs of two different photographers, an Australian and an American, from Maryland - both with Red Linhofs, no idea what vintage, model or size though, I'm very ignorant on Linhof- lore. The American was featured in "Annapolis" or "Baltimore" magazine sometime in the early 90's and I can't remember where I saw the Aussie, possibly in a book on Australian Akubra hats...

7-Jun-2011, 04:29
Hi guys, a friend of mine bought this at a flea market last weekend.
Anybody knows anything about this specific model?

7-Jun-2011, 04:55
For sure not a Tech III, at least a Tech IV or more recent, real experts should be able to define..



7-Jun-2011, 05:18
I have owned and seen a few factory red Linhofs - but not that RED. The front standard of your camera is Tech lV. The front bed looks later, maybe a Tech V due to the focusing knobs and paint finish.

7-Jun-2011, 05:35
Looks like the 150-year Jubillee version of the Technika 3000 sold in limited quantities in 2007 forward. The Linhof crest should indicater so if it is this model.

Dominique Cesari
7-Jun-2011, 05:50
Received perhaps some help from Cameraleather (http://www.cameraleather.com/) ?

7-Jun-2011, 09:19
Thanks for all replies.

it does look a lot like the anniversary 3000 on this page : http://www.linhof.de/history_e.html

I'll ask my friend to check the linhof crest for proof. Do you know what it should say?

Brian Ellis
7-Jun-2011, 09:36
I don't think it's a 3000. It doesn't appear to have the two little buttons on top of the housing that allow the top to be raised. (you can see those two buttons in the 3000 that's in the picture of the anniversary 3000 to which you linked). That flap has been on every Technika since the first Master AFAIK. I'd guess it's a IV because I also don't see the lever for front rise on the front standard that started mostly with the Vs. It would help to know the serial number, which can be found underneath the accessory shoe.

Bob Solomon no doubt could tell which version this camera is and whether the red is factory original. But regardless, would you let us know where the flea market is located. : - )

7-Jun-2011, 10:24
Yeah.... i just figured out my friend's has red bellows, so i guess it's not the anniversary model... And it has a rangefinder, so not a 3000 i guess?

Any help apreciated!

Bob Salomon
7-Jun-2011, 10:30
Yeah.... i just figured out my friend's has red bellows, so i guess it's not the anniversary model... And it has a rangefinder, so not a 3000 i guess?

Any help apreciated!

What is the serial number?

7-Jun-2011, 10:41

Bob Salomon
7-Jun-2011, 11:38

It is a Super Technika IV made about 1960. It is part of a production series began in Oct. of 56 and ending in May of 63. The serial numbers of that series are from 62501 to 78886.

Someone put on a new red bellows and leather. Probably after seeing the 120th anniversary version of Technika 3000.

7-Jun-2011, 13:58
Thanks a lot Bob!! :)
I haven't seen it for real yet, but my friend says it looks like new. I'm impressed to hear that it's 50 years old!!