View Full Version : Ansel Adams at 100

Michael Pry
4-May-2002, 17:32
To anyone in the Chicago area..........if you can manage to go see the Ansel Ada ms exhibit I implore you to do so. I just got back from it and it is just magnif icent. To see Moonrise over Hernandez right up close in front of you is a treat that I will always remember. Words cannot describe the mastery of this photograp her. I looked at the various pictures in books and marvelled but to see them up close is a whole different thing. If you can make it do so.

Bob bFrancis
4-May-2002, 18:09
UK readers who do not know already may be interested to know that this exhibition hits the Hayward Gallery at the South Bank in London from 11 Jul 2002 - 22 Sep 2002 (though you would not know it from the Gallery's website which has no mention of it...).

Looking forward to that.

Arne Croell
6-May-2002, 05:26
From October 10, 2002 to January 5, 2003 it will be shown at the Art Library (Kunstbibiothek) in Berlin, Germany. The URL is: http://www.smb.spk-berlin.de/kb/