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Ben Syverson
20-Sep-2010, 06:46
Hi all,

I'm working on a portrait project for an organization named Upwardly Global (http://www.upwardlyglobal.org/), and am trying to find a good, reasonably-priced print shop to produce the prints for a fundraising exhibition. There are about 10 portraits, and ideally they would be printed 40x50". Bonus points for any person/shop who is willing to provide a discount to a charity -- which could be taken as a write-off.

If anyone has any ideas or leads, shoot me a PM or email!


Daniel Stone
20-Sep-2010, 09:03

are you looking for lightjet(wet) prints, optically-enlarged(wet) prints, or inkjet(giclee)?

and if its digital(inkjet or lightjet) prints, do you need to have scans made of film(if you're shooting film for this project).

just wondering, I don't know of anyone personally off-hand, but maybe let us know what EXACTLY you're looking to have done so you get a faster answer to your query.


Ben Syverson
20-Sep-2010, 20:41
Hi Dan,

Thanks so much for responding. Honestly, we're just trying to see these images large, so the specific printing method is not a concern to me. The images are very nice scans of 8x10 color film, so there is no scanning needed.

I'm thinking it would be perfect for someone who has an Epson 44" model and wants to see what it can do. There is a budget for this, so the organization would at the very least be able to cover material costs, but possibly more beyond that. I'm not 100% sure what the going rate is for prints of this size. Regardless, I believe any discount provided can be counted as a tax-deductible charitable donation.

Thanks again everyone!

20-Sep-2010, 22:00
Though I'm a long way away in Calgary, Canada I'd be willing to do these for you for a very modest honorarium above materials cost and shipping. I've worked in the not-for-profit world and appreciate the challenges. Currently I have a 24" printer but will have a 44" going soon.
One consideration to keep in mind is materials will cost several dollars per square foot, exact cost depends upon the specific paper selected.
Let me know your requirements and time-line by e-mail or PM.