View Full Version : Flat 4x5 neg during enlargement

4-May-2002, 17:08
What method do you find useful to keep a 4x5 negative flat durning enlargement? Glass negative carrier, tape it to a regular negative carrier, Negaflat? I have been taping my neg to a regular negative carrier in my Beseler, but wonder if I would see improved results with another method. I appreciate your experience and observations. Thank you.

paul owen
4-May-2002, 17:13
I have found great improvement using a glass carrier in my LPL 7451 - especially when printing 6x9 negs on 120 roll film. These "long" negs were forever buckling and/or popping, but no more!!

Daniel luu Van Lang
5-May-2002, 10:19
Hi John, With glass negative carrier you may have Newton circles on your prints, you can avoid that by using an anti-newton glass which is setup above the neg. I have a Durst 138 S and it works very good, very flat negs and no Newton circles; I hope this 2 cents add could help you Best regards Daniel Luu

Thomas Kienstra
5-May-2002, 10:36
John -

I've used a negaflat for years and love it. Glass simply adds that many more surfaces that need to be kept dust-free, and I got tired of it. The negaflat has two rows of little "teeth" that clamp down on the longer edges of the negative and pull out slightly to hold the neg flat. A good investment, imho.

Best of luck.