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Rocco Bellantoni
27-Mar-2002, 14:54
I was wondering if anyone can help me with some particular details regarding Hel iopan filters.

1) I understand that they are now being manufactured in slim mounts. Would anybo dy happen to know what the thickness of the mount is in mm? I believe that I can get about 3 plus mm of clearance on my 90/f8 Nikkor SW with a 67 mm size. I mig ht even go to 77mm, just to be safe.

2) Are all new filters manufactured in slim mounts or are other mounts also bein g manufactured? If I were to buy them from a dealer, how would I distinguish sli m from other mounts?

your comments are appreciated


Walter Glover
27-Mar-2002, 16:35

I am not able to answer your particular questions but I did make one observation when I saw a set of Heliopan slim-line B&W contarts filters that a colleague purchased:

If you stack them with end caps for compact transportation you will find that they are engraved with filter factor information but there is no indication of what the actual filter (colour) is.

As I say - just an observation.

Walter Glover

Thilo Schmid
27-Mar-2002, 16:46

SLIM Versions of Heliopan Filters are 4mm thick. The sizes 28, 30, 30.5, 37, 39, 40.5, 43-49, 52, 55-67, 72, 77, 82, 86, 95, 105 do have a slim mounts. All others do not.


Andre Noble
27-Mar-2002, 18:21

I have the same exact Nikkor 90mm/f8lens. You should go not with a 77mm heliopan, but one step further up and get the 86mm heliopan slim filters for this lens. Then you may go with the slim heliopan 67-86 step-up ring in order to attach it. The Nikkor has a lot of image circle potential, and you'll want to be able to get the most out of it and still be able to use your filter vignet-free.