View Full Version : Separation in 1940s WA Dagor

john wilton
19-Sep-2010, 10:06
Imagine my disappointment when I mounted my shiny new Wide Angle Dagor and instead of the expected sparkling image, a dull, flat, flared-out low contrast scene appeared. Shot a few negs anyway: sharp but flat. The lens looks good...perfect glass on the outside of the cells. But close inspection with a magnifier in just the right light shows random separation.

American Optical, 3-5/8" f8. Serial no. 759K would put it towards the end of 1937-1945.

Has anyone recemented one of these? It looks as if the optical block would come out from the front, using a rubber grip to unscrew the name ring.

What to expect with separating the elements: Was Goerz still using Canada balsam in the early 1940s?

Steven Tribe
19-Sep-2010, 11:56
Looks like Balsam rather than synth. There are "just" two cement phases in both lenses - and there is always a concave surface which can be used as a "dish" for the balsam. But the small size makes it difficult for ordinary sized fingers!