View Full Version : Fujicolor 160S 8 x 10

peter ramm
19-Sep-2010, 09:43
This film appears to be available in 8 x 10 at very reasonable prices. Any comments on its usability and on processing labs for it?


19-Sep-2010, 09:47
... available where? I thought pro s was 4x5 and smaller only..

Jan Pedersen
19-Sep-2010, 09:59
As far as i know 160Pro S was discontinued in all formats so i would be curious to know where there are any 8x10 available.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
19-Sep-2010, 10:17
160 S is available in Europe in 4x5" 20 sheet boxes al also 120 rolls.

peter ramm
19-Sep-2010, 10:36
Very possibly what I am seeing is a shopping cart that does not reflect actual stock. Let me check tomorrow by phone.


Jan Pedersen
19-Sep-2010, 10:45
It is possible that you have found a little stash left if it is a local store. All the big name stores have nothing left.
Grab it if you can get it.

peter ramm
20-Sep-2010, 13:32
An update. I found it listed on a government supply/departmental surplus site and my web order was accepted at $87/50 sheet box! Sadly, the company is about as efficient as a government department. Product not actually availalbe. Order cancelled.

Robert Ley
20-Sep-2010, 13:43
Just checked B&H in New York and they have Fuji 160S in 4x5 10 sheet boxes and Quickloads. It may only be stock on hand, but if you want 160S, now might be the time to order.

As for me, I have switched to Kodak as they seem to be the only ones supporting large format color negative film.