View Full Version : Sheet and Roll Film Processing

Nandakumar Sankaran
3-May-2002, 20:08
Hi, I shoot both 35mm and 4x5, primarily transparencies. Can somebody please ref er me to books or other online information on E-6 processing? I'm thinking of se tting up my own darkroom to process film and would love to hear of suggestions o n suitable equipment that will handle both film formats. What other factors shou ld I be aware of, before setting up the darkroom? I've looked at this site and a bsorbed as much information as possible already.


Richard Knoppow
20-Sep-2003, 01:25
Try Kodak's web site. Search for E-6. They have pretty complete infomation on their processes. Jobo USA has complete instructions for the Tetnal three bath kit at: http://www.jobo-usa.com/instructions/instructions_tetenal_e-6_three_bath.htm