View Full Version : Planar 135mm f3.5 Version 1 or 2?

17-Sep-2010, 19:27
Hi all. I was told that Zeiss Planar 135mm f3.5 has a version 1 and version 2; can anyone tell how can I tell which is which? By S/N? or something deffrent from the look. Attached is mine one.:confused:

18-Sep-2010, 15:10
I found the infos on line; mine is ver 1 has 58mm filter size; ver 2 is 67mm and ver3 also 67mm but with T*.

20-Sep-2010, 20:57
I have 2 of the version 1........the T* version would be one highly sought gem....but then they all are...

22-Sep-2010, 05:41
I have version #3... wide open at f/3.5 it is a very sharp lens, even when adapted to fit my Nikon D3 :)