View Full Version : Whole plate film in Jobo 2830

Simon Benton
16-Sep-2010, 18:38
I am thinking of trying whole plate film and am wondering if it can be processed in a 2830 drum. Any information greatly appreciated and any suggestions for any other methods (apart from tray) welcomed.

Richard Rankin
16-Sep-2010, 19:20
Simon, I'm using 2 Beseler drums to do mine. They have movable 'ribs' in them and by moving the ribs and inserting the film vertically (6 1/2" side down), I can get 2 sheets at a time in one type of drum and 3 in the other. Used hem both today and it worked like a charm on a motor base with pyrocat HD

Cheers, Richard

David Karp
16-Sep-2010, 20:27
I don't know about a 2830. I have used a 3005 with good results, in case the 2830 does not work out.

Oren Grad
16-Sep-2010, 21:17
I develop my WP in Jobo 3004 and 3005 drums on my CPA-2. They're pricey, though.

Scott Davis
17-Sep-2010, 07:20
Another 3005 drum user here. Curl the film on the 6.5" axis and insert into the tubes. Works like a charm in Pyrocat HD. The 3005 is expensive, but it is one of the most common Expert drums after the 3010, so if you're patient you can find a used one at a sub-exorbitant price on Ebay.

17-Sep-2010, 11:15
Hi !
I'm using 8x10 Ilford Cibachrome drums.