View Full Version : Grade 2 graded paper worth the extra cost?

Neal Chaves
16-Sep-2010, 15:18
I always had some normal contrast grade paper on hand in addition to the multi-grade I usually use, and tried to print most normal negatives on it if I could. Now that graded papers cost considerably more, I have just been using only multi-grade. It was thought at one time that graded papers were more archival, but can anyone see the difference?

Vlad Soare
17-Sep-2010, 00:57
I don't think there's any difference in the archival qualities, but I like graded papers for two reasons. First and foremost, they don't require red or deep orange safelights. They can also work with yellow or yellow-green safelights, which are more comfortable. Or, if you use an orange or red safelight, you can use a brighter bulb than in the case of a VC paper. Second, if you're into toning, graded papers can sometimes be more consistent and controllable, because the two emulsions of a VC paper don't always tone the same.
What I dislike about them is that there aren't too many available, and those that are available only come in one or two grades. :(

Neal Chaves
18-Sep-2010, 05:37
Thanks for your thoughts Vlad. Split toning hasn't been a problem with Ilford and Oriental papers for me. I haven't seen it since the old Kodak Polycontrast. Guess I'll just bit the bullet and buy some Gallerie 2 and Seagull 2 and run against the multi grades with a normal negative. I'm not expecting to see any significant difference. I just want to be sure. I'll post my results.