View Full Version : Berg Gold Protective Solution

Scott Davis
16-Sep-2010, 10:21
Anyone have a set of instructions for mixing the Berg gold protective solution (aka gold toner)? I have two separate sets of this and I'd like to try toning some prints, but the instructions have gotten separated from the solutions and I can't for the life of me remember the proper mixing procedure - it's a two-part bath, and if memory serves, you mix part A with water, then add part B, then enough water to make 1 liter, but I don't remember. Any advice would be much appreciated.

bob carnie
16-Sep-2010, 10:34
From the label

Add Part a to 2 litres of water at 60-75 degree followed by Part B and water to make 4 litres of Berg Gold Protective Solution. This solution will treat 32 8x10 prints per gallon. Berg Gold Protective Solution has no significant storage life after mixing and should be used within 6-8 hour of preparation.