View Full Version : Dektol/LPD color

Ben Calwell
27-Mar-2002, 21:39
Can unmixed Dektol (in its powdered form) go bad. I brought home some Dektol fro m a newspaper darkroom (they went digital), but when I mixed it in the 90-100 de gree water, it turned more brown than I'm used to seeing. I'm used to fresh Dekt ol having a sort of very light copper color to it. What happened? Also, how shou ld Ethol LPD paper developer look when it's mixed? The batch I mixed this evenin g looks brown. Is this normal? Thanks in advance for your comments.

Louis Jensen
28-Mar-2002, 00:21
The Dektol has oxidized and is not usable. Even in the envelope, a small amout of oxygen can enter, and over time, the developer is ruined.

John Hicks
28-Mar-2002, 01:06
Ordinarily LPD is light golden but the most recent batch I mixed is a somewhat b rown solution. Works normally though.