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14-Sep-2010, 23:24
I was recently given a roll of exposed Kodak Ecktachrome 35mm. The standard looking canister was inside a cute yellow painted metal container with a blue painted screw on cap. I had never seen a painted container like it before. I only remember the silver metal containers for 35mm film, before the current plastic ones.

It was the last roll of film, the person's father shot. The family had missed it originally and it was never processed.

I think it says E-2 process on the film canister.

Any chance there is anything on the film? Could it even be developed today with E-6 processing?

I found some Kodachrome I forgot to develop one time. It had been about seven years since exposure. I sent it in and it came back kinda green and brown toned, but I was glad I had it developed. This is more like 45 years.

Any thoughts here?

15-Sep-2010, 00:25
You got nothing to lose.

I processed a roll of Kodak Panchromatic from 1969 with very good results. Totally different to your situation mind.

Daniel Stone
15-Sep-2010, 22:34
check these guys out:

heard some great things about them(albeit expensive)



Ivan J. Eberle
17-Sep-2010, 06:59
Even if it had been stored in a freezer and wrapped in lead all this time, gamma radiation will likely have fogged it completely in nearly 50 years.

17-Sep-2010, 15:44
Try processing it as B&W with Hc-110 to help reduce base fog. You might be surprised at what you can get off of it. Nothing to lose except a little developer and a few minutes.

Don't send it to Rocky mountain, they filed for bankruptcy.