View Full Version : 2010 Eastern Sierra Fall Colors

Richard Raymond
14-Sep-2010, 15:22
I am driving over to San Jose, CA from Las Vegas, NV for a conference. Plan on going through Bishop and over the Tioga Pass at Yosemite. I will going west on the 18th and 19 of Sept and returning on the 24th and 25th of Sept.

Any of the Aspens have color yet, even in the higher back valleys?


Drew Wiley
14-Sep-2010, 18:26
I came back yesterday from several days in the back country, most of it above 11000 ft, then returned to the Bay area over Sonora Pass. Around timberline there
are some lovely color transitions already going on with dwarf willows and groundcover. But only a handful of aspen leaves have changed, around the top of their range at 10,000 ft level or so. No fall color on Sonora Pass yet. But a couple of weeks can make a huge difference, especially if another cold snap comes in. On
your way back you might try Rock Creek above Tom's Place for early aspen color.

Michael Gordon
14-Sep-2010, 18:43
That's pretty early, Richard. You'll have to head for the high elevation trailheads in the Eastern Sierra to find any possible luck...

14-Sep-2010, 19:48
Check the area approaching Conway Summit from the north. But like the man said, it's still early.

14-Sep-2010, 21:12
The first time I saw "fall colors" was on a road trip from Minneapolis to Duluth. Being from the deep south where every thing is always green, the fall colors literally blew me away. Nothing I have seen here in California even remotely compares with it. :)


Drew Wiley
14-Sep-2010, 21:15
Not even a hint of color at Conway Summit yet. The roads to Rock Creek or Lk Sabrina will get you about a thousand feet higher. Tioga Pass itself doesn't have much aspen till the bottom. Last year in late Sept the aspen just above the Rock Cr was incredible. But too early for along Hwy 395 per se.

Richard Raymond
14-Sep-2010, 22:17
Folks, thanks for the help. I know that it is early but was hoping for some luck in finding a pocket of two. The nVidia computer conference is the goal for this trip and I thought that I would spend a few days with some photography on the way. I may still get lucky on the return trip.

Thomas, thanks for the note on the colors in the upper midwest. Unfortunately it is a little out of my way for this drive. :) I grew up in northern New Hampshire above the notches and have always liked the fall colors of the oaks and sugar maples.

Please let me and the group know when some color is found. I will be going back to the Bishop area later in October and the information will be helpful then.


15-Sep-2010, 00:51
I recommend Northern Colorado.

Michael Gordon
15-Sep-2010, 07:52
Please let me and the group know when some color is found. I will be going back to the Bishop area later in October and the information will be helpful then.

Ric: you can expect reliable color in most of the eastside canyons on or after October 1. By November 1 or so, the color has expired at the higher elevations and has moved downwards to the floor of Owens Valley.

Harley Goldman
15-Sep-2010, 15:36
November 1 is also a good time for Yosemite valley color with the oaks turning.