View Full Version : What do you use to wash 8x10 film

R Kirk Williams
3-May-2002, 15:36
Just a quick question. I have been looking for an 8x10 film washer and can't se em to find one. What do people use?



Carl Weese
3-May-2002, 17:23
The same trays I process them in.


William Marderness
3-May-2002, 17:45
I used an 8x10 Jobo Nova Vertical Print Washer (2 slot), but I sold it. It worked well, but trays are just as good. Don't get a large print washer. The water exchange rate is too low.

3-May-2002, 18:09
Question Follow-Up?Tray Washing Film?Do you use a syphon, plain running water, fill and dump, or something else? Thanks.

John McDonald

3-May-2002, 18:13
versalab print washer, if I have a bunch. If its just one or two I use a tray.

R. McDonald
3-May-2002, 19:14
I use my "Versalab" Print Washer(The Big One), which I have modified to take 4 pins through the dividers to hold 8x10prints and or Negatives up at the top so they can be retrieved without going for a swim. I use a Gravity Works for my 4x5,5x7, and reels. I wish I had a Gravity Works for the 8x10, not that it is better, but it's so much more fun.

Brian Ellis
3-May-2002, 20:33
I use my Zone VI print washer, usually with every other divider removed.

Per Volquartz
4-May-2002, 00:13
Zone VI 8X10 print washer. Negs. are placed vertically.

John Hicks
4-May-2002, 00:33
A Paterson print washer tray. With the dividers in place it'll hold two 8x10 neg s or four 4x5 negs. If I had more to wash at a time I'd just wash 'em in the Ver salab print washer, although with the slow water flow I'd give 'em a rather long time.

4-May-2002, 06:53
For my 8x10's, I made a vertical washer. I use a Jobo drum for procesing, but after the fix, I carefully remove the film, and put it in 8x10 hangers - these are washed, hypocleared, and washed again in two vertical "trays" - one with a slot hole in the bottom, for washing, and one that is sealed, for the HC. COst me $12 in plexi, which I then cut up on a table saw, and glued together like an aquarium.