View Full Version : 4x5 Instant Film Negatives

12-Sep-2010, 17:32
I have a few packs of Fuji FP-B45 4x5 pack film. I have never used this stuff before. I know it is meant to be pulled apart to separate the negative from the process image.
My objective is to reclaim the negative to be scanned.
I have read about using bleach or using a product called PEC-12.

If you know how to prepare the negative to be scanned, I would be extremely grateful if you would outline the steps for me.

Also, what do you do when you are in the field when you need to remove all that excess emulsion from when it is pulled apart?

13-Sep-2010, 02:18
I've read of field shooters putting their type 55 negs in a tupperware container filled with distilled water until they got back. I'm sure it would work for the fuji, too.

Brian Stein
13-Sep-2010, 04:37
For processing the negative have a look at http://new55project.blogspot.com/