View Full Version : Anyone developing FP4+ in Rodinal?

Don Ciccone
12-Sep-2010, 17:24
I am returning to tray processing (after my Jobo died) and would appreciate suggested developing times for Ilford FP4+ sheet film exposed at EI of 125 and processed in a tray at either 1:50 or 1:100 dilution (I usually use a presoak and develop at 68-70 degrees though I understand Rodinal is not very temperature sensitive). I've searched through a number of websites (including the Forum) and found that suggested times vary over a wide range (from 8 to 20 minutes or more). I'd appreciate any suggestions from Rodinal users about a reasonable starting point. Thanks for any assistance.


13-Sep-2010, 11:32
My standard for FP4+ in Rodinal 1+100 @20C is 17min in tray for Normal development. I expose at EI 50

13-Sep-2010, 13:36
Which kind of Rodinal do you use? There are at least three kinds of it out there...


13-Sep-2010, 17:01
I use it 1:50 @ 20C for 15 - 16 mins with FP4+ in 4x5, in a JOBO tank with 5 sec every 30 sec agitation, with very good results. I take great care in not pushing my highlights too much because I scan and my scanner (4870) is a little blind in high densities. In my system ISO 125 is a little on the high side. 80-100 ISO is more real in my case. I get very sharp negs but grain is visible, though beautiful, at 24x30 in. enlargements. I feel Rodinal honours film speed better than D-76.

Don Ciccone
13-Sep-2010, 19:41
Thanks for the help, much appreciated. As for the type of Rodinal, I was only aware of two types, regular Agfa Rodinal (which is what I use) and Rodinal Special (not sure if this is the correct name). I believe this "Special Rodinal" is actually a different developer.

Thanks again.


13-Sep-2010, 21:25
This might not be relevant for tray developing, but I've done FP4+ several times in Rodinal 1+100 @20C, stand developed for an hour (agitate first minute). Exposed at EI 100, and I've been very happy with those results.