View Full Version : what do you use to wipe chinagraph & fingerprints off gloss prints??

Uri A
12-Sep-2010, 02:36
I have some schmutzy contact sheets I would like to frame

... meths?

Daniel Stone
12-Sep-2010, 10:37
wash them in a tray of cool water(20degC-26degC) and just rub the china marker off. Flowing water.

worked/works for me.


bob carnie
12-Sep-2010, 10:46
Pec 12 may help

12-Sep-2010, 11:31
Pec 12 does work but i would use a stronger cloth then a pec pad. They don’t always seems to have enough umpgh in them to get everything.
This might be just me but i have found that china markers come off of color contact sheets without any cleaners.
I just use a soft cloth and breath on it. Then i rub in a circle and it comes right off. I think the heat of your hand through the cloth might also help.
Fingerprints are a lot harder. The oils sometimes seem to embed in the emulsions of some color and B&W glossy prints.
If they’re in good then it may not be possible to get them out. Pec 12 probably wont get them out no matter how much you rub.
It also depends on how much you like the contact sheets. You can get more aggressive with other cleaners or pads.
Ive never tried rewashing but it might work. I would just be careful not to scratch the wet and softened emulsion.

Uri A
12-Sep-2010, 19:41
thanks gents. ill try rewashing