View Full Version : European/german distributors for Toho FC-45X?

26-Mar-2002, 09:00
Does anybody know about distributors of the Toho cameras in Germany (or at least Europe)?<b> I'm interested in the FC-45X... in Kerry's review of the camera, he mentions Rob ert White selling them, but I couldn't find any reference to Toho in the web sto re. In addition, I'd like to see the camera before shelling out the money, so I' d prefer a distributor within driving range...

Mark Kallfass
26-Mar-2002, 10:36
Yes, there is a german shop! Check out the URL: www.plaubel.com You will see: Toyo is quiet expensive! Until 1998 the Brenner Fotostube in Weide n (www.alles-foto.de) sold this Toyo Cameras.

I think, the better way is: look for a used Linhof, Sinar or Plaubel - it is muc h easier to get any support.

Good luck!

Kerry L. Thalmann
26-Mar-2002, 12:01

Robert White no longer carries the Toho cameras or accessories. I'm not sure if there are any other European dealers. You might check the Toho web site:


to see if they list any.


26-Mar-2002, 12:29

lets first end that BOLD </b> thing :-) :-)

TOYO is exoensive, visit that wellknown shop in Cologne (Koln) at the Neumarkt, four weeks ago I bought there a Linhof Technikardan S at a very competative price!


26-Mar-2002, 13:11
It's TOHO not TOYO

26-Mar-2002, 13:57
Meanwhile, I checked with ToHo (the H was no typo, contrary to the `b' instead o f `br' tag - sorry for the blaring :). Unfortunately, currently there seems to be no german or european distributor... after ready Kerry's review, that's a pit y!

26-Mar-2002, 16:23

Sorry, i was in a hurry, therefore the typo's.....

Yep, I know that toHo and toYo are different brands.

Never ever seen a European distributor other than Robert White. But apparently he sells the Toho no longer.


Kerry L. Thalmann
26-Mar-2002, 16:51

Even though Robert White no longer stocks the Toho, they might be willing to special order one for you. I've dealt with them on occasion (recently bought a Toho Eccentric Lens Panel on close-out) and they are VERY acommodating and eager to please. Ditto for Badger Graphic here in the US.

I agree it would be preferable to handle any LF camera before committing to a purchase. Unfortunately, that is not always possible.