View Full Version : Photo Know-How by Carl Koch

Lars Åke Vinberg
3-May-2002, 11:26
This set of five books i up for sale at a local auction: "Photo Know-How A self study course of sophisticated view camera technique" By Carl Koch.

Reserve is USD $50 for the set. Would this be considered recommended reading for an LF hobbyist?

Bjorn Nilsson
3-May-2002, 11:48
I've got an earlier version of that book, i.e. it was one book when I bought it back in the 80-ies. Anyhow, the book(s) are very worth reading as it/they contain lots of tips. I had this book at hand when I started with LF, and even though I didn't have a Sinar at that time, it helped me with a lot of things that are hard to learn by doing. It also saved me from doing many of the common mistakes that I think are quite common for most of us, i.e. not only the beginners. (Carl Koch "invented" the Sinar, and the books describe/use Sinars exclusively.) Eventually I bought a Sinar, but that's another story... (A shorter answer would be: I'm still very happy with my single book and I will not part with it after having it for 15 years, as I still consider it a very good reference.)