View Full Version : Aperture scale Grandagon-N 115/6.8 lens - info appreciated!

Phil Hudson
9-Sep-2010, 14:25
I was wondering if anyone out there with a late model Grandagon-N 115/6.8 lens in Copal 1 shutter can let me know the code on the aperture scale? It is the tiny writing at the end of the scale that identifies it as the correct one for that lens.

Thanks in advance!

Oren Grad
9-Sep-2010, 20:58
Phil - FWIW, I have a 115 Sinaron-W with late-'80s-vintage serial number in a current style all black Copal 1. The aperture scale runs from f/6.8 - f/45. The little code number on the scale is 0005.062.

Phil Hudson
10-Sep-2010, 03:35
Thanks Oren, that's exactly what I wanted to know!