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9-Sep-2010, 10:51

Not sure if this is the correct section so please move if not.

I have a crown graphic and I want to shoot some polaroids, am I correct in thinking that I need a 4x5 polaroid holder?

Is there negative polaroid and positive polaroid? Who still makes it? Can you get positive b&w polaroid?

Sorry for all the questions but if someone could point me in the correct direction it would be appreciated.


Daniel Stone
9-Sep-2010, 10:56
Hi Liam,

Polaroid is no longer making film. NO ONE is making Pos/Neg instant films any more. period.

Fuji is the name in the game now, they have FP-100C45(color 4x5 pack), FP-100B45(B/W pack), and FP-3000B45(3000speed b/w pack).

you'll need a PA-45(or polaroid 550 model) packfilm back, a 545 polaroid back WILL NOT WORK. Since its a 10sheet pack, rather than individual sheets(like polaroid was).

do some forum searching here to garner some more information. There's plenty of it already posted :).


Brian C. Miller
9-Sep-2010, 11:01
#1: There are no more Polaroids. Polaroid is dead. You can still buy (expensive) boxes of Polaroid film that fits in a 545 holder.
#2: Fuji Film (may/may not) be making instant film. At the moment there is lots of it.
#3: You need a Graflok back to use a Polaroid 550 film holder or Fuji film holder. The holder does not slip under the spring back.
#4: There is a blog about recovering the actual film from Fuji instant film. There's some posts around here about it, pointing to the blog. The process involves household bleach and some rinsing.

9-Sep-2010, 11:01
Ok, thanks for the info.

The Fuji polaroids, are they negative or positive? Can a PA-45 take the original polaroid that some times comes up on ebay?

I did a search but every thread under the sun came up..

Daniel Stone
9-Sep-2010, 11:06

no, the PA-45 can't take the standard single sheet polaroids. JUST THE PACKS.

I've used my PA-45 with a spring back(albeit a loose one). I slide it UNDER the focus frame on my 4x5 ALL DAY LONG. I have a grafloc/graflok back on my 4x5, but I just slide it under the g/g frame like a regular film holder.

fuji polaroids are POSITIVE. some people have been experimenting with bleaching the negative and rinsing it to get a negative, but its nothing like shooting real film.

use the search functions to search for TITLES ONLY, not just a keyword, otherwise you'll get every thread under the sun :)


Brian C. Miller
9-Sep-2010, 11:08
Try this: New 55 Project (http://new55project.blogspot.com/)

9-Sep-2010, 16:20
a group called the impossible project will be selling 8x10 polaroid type film soon enough.
They were the workers from polaroid factory who bought the machines.
they destroyed the 4x5 polaroid machines:(
there is also 'a' place in the states that makes 20x24 polaroid. the 20x24 studio
they have a face book site
any way
i am glad 8x10 is coming back, i think it is beautiful and handy, great for field trips.
i just bought a box of polaroid b+w off ebay for $110 about the same price as new.
they are usually $250 Egad!

17-Jan-2011, 05:06
Hi, sorry for starting this thread up again but is someone able to tell me what polaroid back this is? Does it accept the fuji instant film?