View Full Version : Manual for Shen Hao? Anyone?

Adrian Ng'asi
25-Mar-2002, 23:27
I am looking for a manual or instructions in any form for the Shen Hao. I have b een having dificult in closing it and it drives me crazy!! Please let me know if you have the instructions and I will reimburse you.



Tony Galt
26-Mar-2002, 00:20
When I bought mine from Badger Graphic I specifically asked if there is one. App arently not, or perhaps not in English. Here's how to close it. Remove the lens. (It won't close with a lens mounted.) Loosen the base tilt pivots on the rear. Loosen the front rise/fall knobs and let the lensboard sink to its low position. Loosen the front tilt knobs. Make sure the front and rear black focusing slides are unlocked and all the way back from the front and that the rack and pinion focusing rails are all the way in. Now pivot the back forward. (It helps to have the camera sitting securely on its base at this point.) The front and bellows s hould now arc gracefully down and be contained within the front of the base. Kee p pivoting until the camera is a compact flat box. Clip the metal clamp sticking out of the top of the back over the plate on the base. Tighten knobs so that ev erything is secure. Loosen the lock on the rear shift and swing axis so that the lever is inside the camera frame. That should do it. Now you can stow the camer a in your bag. I hope that was clear--it took me awhile to figure out too.

If you have other questions let me know--I think I've pretty much figured the ca mera out. Its a good little field camera and I've been getting some nice picture s with it.

David Willis
26-Mar-2002, 01:11
I do it pretty much the same way. After loosening all the knobs and the stops on the front standard, I slide the front standard back and fold it down, so the back is still vertical and the front has been tilted down horizontally. Now I close the back as already described.