View Full Version : Difference in movements between Linhof Master Technika and Technika V?

Stefan Dalibor
21-Dec-1998, 08:03
What are the hard facts (i.e. in mm or inch) regarding the differences in movements possible between a Linhof Master Technika and Technika V? I've read the used buying guide at http://cameraquest.com/techs.htm, and I know about the flap on the top of the Master's housing. But besides that, which additional amount of movement(s) does the Master offer over the V? I have the Master's specs from B&H - has anybody the specs for the V at hand? Thanks in advance, Stefan

Brian Ellis
30-Dec-1998, 23:20
The November, 1989 issue of "View Camera" magazine included a very brief, and not terribly useful, article entitled "Buying the Used Linhof Technika." Copies can be ordered from the magazine but, apart from listing the specs for Technikas III through Master, the article isn't very good for information about the differences among the different Technika models, the article in Tuan's Large Format Home Page is much better). Anyhow, here are the specs for the Technika V as given in the article: Bellows extension: 400 mm; Camera back extension: 35 mm; angles of drop bed: 15 and 30 degrees; max front rise 45 mm; max front fall 6 mm; front shift (each way) 25 mm; lens board tilt 15 degrees forward, 15 degrees backward; lens board swing (each way) 15 degrees; back swing (each of four ways) 15 degrees. If you compare these to the Master specs you'll see a few differences but the only one of any significance, IMHO, is the lens board back and front tilts (30 degrees with the Master, 15 degrees with the Tech V). Hope this is the info you were looking for. Brian