View Full Version : Fomapan 100, Xtol Developer + Tmax fix. Your optimal processing times?

7-Sep-2010, 15:12
Hey. I am just starting out with the Fomapan 100. I have bought the Xtol developer, a stop (Tetnal indicet) and the TMAX fix.

I am wondering what are your optimal processing/developing times and methods for this film using a combination of the above developer and fix. I am after maximum sharpness with minimal grain for scanning and optimal enlarging.

7-Sep-2010, 15:53
Fomapan 200 (Arista-EDU Ultra 200) exposed at 100, Xtol 1:3, Jobo Expert Drum, 10 minutes as I recall. Same time for Rodinal 1:100.

8-Sep-2010, 04:10
not what you asked but anyway.....

i soup it in pyro 2:2:100 for 8 min. hc110 dil. H for 8 min as well.....

8-Sep-2010, 07:41
I use Fomapan 100 , xtol 1+2, 11 minutes at 70f in a tray. It's 8x10, so grain size isn't important. It does scan nicely. I don't have an enlarger for 8x10.