View Full Version : Name that teeny lil' lensboard!

Scott --
5-Sep-2010, 13:43
Okay, I got this board a long time ago and it's been taking up (an admittedly small amount of) drawer space ever since. Anyone know anything 'bout it?




It's just over 2" square, mahognay, three-piece construction. In fact, the three-piece construction is so far beyond unnecessary in a piece this small that it's obviously done as a show of quality and workmanship. So much for plywood and foamcore... :rolleyes:



John T
5-Sep-2010, 13:53
I would guess any number of cased cameras (cycle poco is one).

Also, the three piece construction is a necessity if you don't want the thin part of the board to crack along the grain and fall out of the camera-even with a small board

Scott --
5-Sep-2010, 14:01
John, there's not enough tangential expansion (or radial, for that matter) on such a small field, especially with a stable wood like mahogany, to warrant three-piece construction. It's clearly an over-built board, and I applaud that.

John T
5-Sep-2010, 14:30
Since I've seen homemade single piece boards that split along the edge that is thinner, I stand by my comment. It is about the torque that the lens can place on the wood, not the expansion

John T
5-Sep-2010, 14:34
I forgot, I do agree with you about the expansion