View Full Version : Voigtlander Viewfinders

Dave Tolcher
25-Mar-2002, 14:58
A FYI, rather than a question. I use a Leica Rangefinder as a 'portable' camera and recently bought one of the Voigtlander 21mm lenses which came with the detac hable viewfinder. I also have a 65mm for LF and have found the viewfinder immens ely useful for 'sighting' a shot prior to getting all the gear out. They can be bought relatively cheaply on their own. Worth a look as they also do other commo n focal lengths.

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Steve Hamley
25-Mar-2002, 20:21

I use the auxillary viewfinders for the 43 mm and 150 mm lenses on the Mamiya 7 for the same thing when I'm hiking, both with the 7 and LF.

An idea I'm thinking about is one I saw on David Muench's site, using a small LC D panel digital camera to prewiew/precompose the scene. This camera could also take the place of the viewfinder. The small Nikons would fit in a pocket and fo r this purpose, you don't need big file size cameras so the cheap(er) ones would work just as well.

Now if I could just get the wind to stop blowing for 10 seconds like he does....