View Full Version : Medical X-Ray Film

4-Sep-2010, 01:56
Kodak Medical X-Ray Film General Purpose Green (MXG) ..i really need some help with this guy .
1.can i use Tmax Dev with this film "i have xtol as well ..
2.which one is the emulsion side ?
3.what is the speed of this film "100 or 400 iso ?"
4.many thanks

Jim Fitzgerald
4-Sep-2010, 09:12
Generally the x-ray film I have shot which is green I've shot at ISO 80, so I'd say 100. The emulsion is on both sides. I've only used Pyrocat-HD for my x-ray film and I develop my 8x10's for 8 1/2 minutes for my high contrast negatives I need for carbon printing.Try x-tol and see what you get. The film is cheap so some testing is in order. I had to do that and I hate to test.


4-Sep-2010, 10:39
thanks a lot Jim .. i'll try xtol "1:1 " 7 min as a starting point " and hope that'll work .